Tummy Time Water Mat

I 66x50cm
Pink Sea Rim
Blue Sea Rim
White Sea Rim
White Whale Sea Rim

"From The Day They Come Home, Babies Benefit From 2-3 Tummy Time Sessions Each Day For A short Period Of Time Of 3-5 Minutes."

-National Institute of Health


Prevent Flat Spots- Allowing your baby Tummy Time throughout the day helps prevent your baby from forming a flat spots in different areas around the head. 

Strengthen Muscle- Tummy Time is known to strengthen your baby's back and neck muscle. Building these muscles are EXTREMELY important as they lead to sitting up, crawling and walking.

Improve Motor Skills- Our Tummy Time mat assists with improving motor skills with the bright and colorful shapes that float in the center of the mat. 

"This was actually given to me from my baby shower and I couldn't be anymore GRATEFUL! This Tummy Time mat has helped me tremendously. I have noticed my baby reaching for the shapes and colors that float around in the mat and I can definitely see he is engaging with what is front of him. This really gives me peace of mind on how his mind is reacting. I love to see my baby's development!"

-Emma C.