"Have your kids expressed anxiety and tension around others??"

 Our TheraSwing helps with vestibular orientation, motor planning, balance and coordination. Supports kids with low muscle tone, autism, sensory processing disorder and hyperactivity.

Learning Themselves-As kids climb in, stretch out and move around inside the swing, they learn body awareness, balance, motor planning and spatial skills.

Flexible Design-Use while sitting, kneeling or prone to help with expressing moods and feelings.

Supports a Range of Movement-The stretchy, heavy-duty fabric provides sensory pressure all over and creates a fun, private space to bounce, swing, spin or just lie motionless while enjoying the movement.


 "My name is Valerie with two kids that have been diagnosed with autism. As a  single parent, this was extremely hard to adjust to. I didn't know how to adjust to the characteristics Noah and Jackelyn were portraying. I bought the TheraSwing six months ago and both kids find this as a safe haven! They love it! I can usually tell what mood they are in when they are on the TheraSwing. This helps me acknowledge their feelings appropriately. We love our TheraSwing!"

-Valerie Galvan-Proud Momma