Telescopic Flashlight 5.0

“I was always having issues working in my workshop after the sun went out, I don’t have much light in there and it gets tricky to see clearly where my tools are. Buying the Telescopic Flashlight 5.0 has been the best investment I have EVER made! It has literally solved all my issues regarding light and has actually pushed me to start taking late-night walks! When they say it lights up everything ahead of you, that is no joke!! I recommend this to anyone, period. This is a tool needed in every household.”

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️  - Mike Jameson
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It can be a real bummer when we have things to do and it gets dark. Whether we are going on a late-night stroll, camping with the family, or finishing the touch-ups in our cars after the sun went down outside, not having light when needed can cause a serious set of problems. And when it comes to choosing our light source, we have to be wary of what we pick, making sure it is something that will bring solutions and not more issues.

This is where the Telescopic Flashlight 5.0 comes into play. From convenience to the variety of situations you may encounter, the Telescopic Flashlight 5.0 is perfectly designed with up to four different levels of light brightness to light up the darkest places, a waterproof body for those rainy days, and a long-lasting battery life that brings you all the day time you need when you’re out of it, literally!



✅  DIFFERENT LIGHT LEVELS: With its smart and easy-to-use design, you can easily navigate into any of the four levels of brightness in the Telescopic Flashlight 5.0. Ranging from 100% light power all the way to 75%, 50% and 25% the Telescopic Flashlight 5.0 is bringing you all the light you need for any situation!

✅  DIFFERENT LIGHT MODES: Packed into the Telescopic Flashlight 5.0 comes three different light modes! You have your Normal Mode, followed by an SOS Mode, and a Flash Mode. The Telescopic Flashlight 5.0 has all your needs met in case you are ever in a sticky circumstance.


✅  PREMIUM MATERIAL: Durability was what we had in mind when we engineered the Telescopic Flashlight 5.0, so we built it with a premium, Aluminum Alloy that is actually used to make airplanes, that is how serious we are about durability. The Telescopic Flashlight 5.0 was built to solve problems, and to live long enough while doing so.

✅  WATERPROOF: Thanks to its perfectly built and sealed body, the Telescopic Flashlight 5.0 is completely waterproof and can withstand any rainy day without a hassle. You will never have to worry about getting your light source wet anymore.

✅  LONG BATTERY LIFE: With up to 6 hours of continuous and strong lighting, one charge of the Telescopic Flashlight 5.0 will have you set for any need you might have! No more phones or cheap flashlights running out of battery, with the Telescopic Flashlight 5.0, we like to raise the bar high!


Unscrew the bottom of the lantern, place the battery inside, and close it again.

Press the power button, press again to change brightness.

Hold to power off.



We understand how difficult it can be to operate when it’s pitch dark. Everybody has actually been through this one, maybe through a power outage, or just walking through a room with a burnt light bulb in the middle of the night. Doing things in the dark makes easy tasks quite tricky and adds a lot of danger into the game, not knowing where you’re headed or what you are walking into can be harmful to you and the things around you.

The Telescopic Flashlight 5.0 has got all the dark problems solved with the push of a button. With extremely durable material, a waterproof body, and an even more durable battery life, the Telescopic Flashlight 5.0 is bringing you the solution you have been looking for. You have up to four different brightness levels and three different light modes right on top of that, so you’re pretty much covered in every single situation. The Telescopic Flashlight 5.0 is here to shed a light (literally) on any dark problem you could ever encounter, with all the ease and convenience you could ever ask for.


Size: 16.8cm x 4cm x 3.3cm

Weight: 207 g

Model of LED Beads: CREE XHP50.2

Range: 300-500 meters

Zoom mode: Telescopic zoom

Switch Mode: 3 Modes (Normal Light - SOS - Flash )

Battery type: 26650

Lighting time: 4-6 hours

waterproof level: IPX-6

Body color: Black

Material: T6063-T6 Aviation Aluminum Alloy



1x Telescopic Flashlight 5.0

1x USB Charger

1x Attachment rope

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