StressLess Massager™️

“I can’t remember the last time I was able to give myself some self-care time ever since I began working, the lack of “me time” has really taken a toll on my mental health drastically. Finding the StressLess Massager has been a God Sent blessing, it has allowed me to feel heaven on earth on my scalp and improved the health of my hair tenfold! I recommend this to any self-care enthusiast looking to level up their game.”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  - Isabella Welch.

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Continuous stressing can build up undesirable tension in unwanted areas, such as our temple and scalp, promoting complications such as poor health and blood circulation. Untreated tension could lead to the downfall of your hair and skin health, which over time leads to a decline in self-confidence which leads to added stress. Nowadays, the professional fixes to these issues are getting quite pricey, or time-consuming if treated at home, leaving self-care lovers to wonder what the solution to this issue could be.

This is where the beloved StressLess Massager™️ comes in, bringing the one solution to all problems caused by built-up tension, delivering a euphoric electrical massaging experience with the push of a button. The StressLess Massager™️ was designed with removableand washable moving pointy yet soft-to-the-skin massage heads that aid in promoting stress relief as well improving blood circulation in all areas, encouraging improvements in overall health. The StressLess Massager™️ is the one-stop shop for all sorts of stress relief, improved scalp and hair health, and overall happier life!


✅  INSTANT STRESS RELIEF: The StressLess Massager™️ promotes instant stress relief and relaxation thanks to its automatic massage moving heads. Instantly improve the current mood, release the built-up tension from the day, and promote healthier skin.

✅  IMPROVE BLOOD CIRCULATION: The massaging motion that the StressLess Massager™️ makes encourages the blood vessels to loosen up and open up to provide a wider pathway for blood to circulate. Improving any color imbalances as well as the health of the area treated!



✅  HEALTHIER HAIR: Using the StressLess Massager™️ assists with the improvement of blood circulation on the scalp, opening up those clogged vessels. Providing more nutrients and blood to the roots of the hair, done are the days of dull and malnourished hair!

✅  ALWAYS READY TO USE: The StressLess Massager™️ comes with a sanitized charging station that instantly starts charging its battery for its next use. With the StressLess Massager™️, never worry about losing it being lost or having no battery life.



✅  BUILT TO LAST: We built the StressLess Massager™️ with premium ABS plastic and removable ABS silicone heads that are perfectly soft to the touch and washable whenever needed. It’s the one self-care investment and tool that will last forever!



  • Press the Power Button to turn on the slow mode, press again up to 2 times to make it faster.

  • Hold the Power Button for 3 seconds to turn it off.




We understand how stressful life can get as well as the complications that such stress could bring to our mental and physical health. The lack of treatment on the built-up tension could lead to poor blood circulation causing imbalances in skin tones as well as hair loss, which brings the need to reach for the pricier and less convenient solutions. Studies have found that 73% to 77% of people that undergo stress suffer from declines in their physical and mental health altogether, bringing the need for a convenient solution to this severe issue.

This is why we at FancyThings have stepped up and created the StressLess Massager™️, bringing the one tool that will release all stress and built-up tension to instantly improve the mood in addition to improved physical and mental health. The better health of hair and skin, along with its portability and ease of use, are some of the many reasons our customers are in love with the StressLess Massager™️. If you’re someone looking to deal with the daily stress that we usually feel, improve your self-care routine, as well as the added physical benefit of better skin and blood circulation, the StressLess Massager™️ is the one tool you need to start feeling your best in seconds!


  • Material: ABS Plastic.

  • Electricity: 5 V.


  • 1x StressLess Massager™️.

  • 1x Station.

  • 1x Charger.

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