“I’ve been suffering from uneven or rough ends on the bolts I work with, making it very unsafe if my kids ever came in contact with them. When I got the Smooth-A-Bolt everything changed! I was able to chop as much of the excess steel in my bolts and rest assured the edges will always be smoothed out. I recommend this to any seasoned DIY lover that finds trouble in this area as well! Completely worth every penny!”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  - John M.
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Being a lover of making your own creations can certainly come with its challenges, like the hazardous ends of the steel bolts after cutting the unneeded excess parts of them, bringing potential injuries to the game. Not caring for how sharp the end of a bolt is could lead to unwanted scratches and bruises, making any creation a danger to its surroundings. Nowadays the solutions to such hazards are either to keep the excess steel uncut or get larger tools to grind the sharp ends, both of which can still be dangerous and heavily inconvenient.

That is where the trusty Smooth-A-Bolt™️ makes its entrance, bringing the one and only simple and convenient solution to smoothing the sharp and excessive ends that any bolt may have, no matter the size. No longer worry about what to do with any craft if there are any extra inches left of unnecessary steel on a bolt, confidently cut it knowing that with the Smooth-A-Bolt™️, those ends will become smoother and safer than ever. Thanks to the ease of use and convenience of the Smooth-A-Bolt™️, any worries about the presence of sharp bolt ends will dissipate.


✅  SAFETY FIRST: The Smooth-A-Bolt™️ was built to polish the un-even and sharp ends of any cut steel bolt, no matter the size. Never worry about the complications that spikey surfaces could cause anymore!

✅  CONVENIENCE AT ITS FINEST: The Smooth-A-Bolt™️ was schemed to perfection to make it accessible and simple to use. Large grinding tools or the idea of just leaving the bolts with the excess length can now be thrown out the window!


✅  TAKE IT ANYWHERE: We built the Smooth-A-Bolt™️ to be as compact and portable as possible. It can be taken anywhere to work at any time, whether at work or at a home workshop.

✅  BUILT TO LAST: The Smooth-A-Bolt™️ was crafted with premium stainless steel capable of polishing and evening any sharp bolt end. No longer change or throw your tools due to breaking thanks to the Smooth-A-Bolt™️’s high-quality material!



✅  FOR ANY ELECTRIC DRILL: The Smooth-A-Bolt™️ was engineered to fit any electric drill in the world, using the same universal attachable head. It can perfectly fit all available electric drills removing the need to get specialized ones.


  • Attach the Smooth-A-Bolt™️ to the head of your Electric Drill and secure it.
  • Place on the un-even or sharp ends of any bolt and activate the drill while applying slight pressure.



We know how dangerous it can be to have sharp objects like cut bolts sticking out of certain places in our homes or workspaces, which is why we at FancyThingsOnline have decided to step up. Old and large grinders are no longer the solution nowadays due to how risky they are themselves, if used unprofessionally they could bring more bad than good, just as leaving the excess of the bolts on would. Having exposure to such hazards could sooner or later lead to painful injuries bringing up more life complications, which is exactly the last thing needed.

The Smooth-A-Bolt™️, it’s the one-stop shop for smoothing un-even and sharp bolt ends and removing the hazard that they may bring. Throw away those old-school ways of polishing bolt ends and make room for the newest and most convenient way to smoothen any sharp ends, minimizing effort and risk of injuries. The Smooth-A-Bolt™️ has brought an innovative take on the world of polishing cut bolts by bringing the safest way to do it to date, all while saving time and money on the larger polishing tools!


  • Metal: Stainless Steel.
  • Size: 50mm x 20mm.


  • 1x Smooth-A-Bolt™️.

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