Solar Fountain & Bird Bath

A 13CM Hard Spout
C 13CM Soft Spouted
16 CM Neon Lights
16 CM Flower Center
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The Solar Powered Fountain is the PERFECT feature for your garden!

It can be used anywhere and it runs on solar power, which means there's no maintenance, ugly wires or time consuming set-up.

Solar Powered- No electricity needed!

Upgraded Filtration-This upgraded feature efficiently blocks dirt, leaves and dust to prevent blockage.

Easy & Fast Installation-This Solar Fountain comes with a step by step manual, allowing you to enjoy without the hassle.

A powerful built-in battery allows this fountain to work both directly or indirectly under sunlight!

Easy-to-Use and a strong built-in battery will keep this fountain going or turn off with hand motions!

"They call me Jessie, short for Jessica, and all my friends and family know how much my garden means to me. I, sometimes, get anxiety but when I go out and relax in my backyard and the fountain is going, it truly brings me peace! Not just the visual of bird hoover around the fountain,  but the sound of fresh water streaming makes me content and relaxes me. I am truly grateful and empowered by this innovative Solar fountain!"