Quick Draw Loaded Gun Magnet Mount

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Gun Magnet Mount

 "There were more than 1.2 million incidents of rape, robbery, aggravated assault, and murder reported in the United States in 2018"

-USA Today


Draw quick and easy- This powerful magnetic holster is made to allow you to draw your hand gun Quick and Easy when needed and react to perpetrator quicker than they expect.

Holds Multiple Types of Firearms- A strong magnetic mount is PERFECTfor holding multiple types of firearms. This will allow you to use the fire arm of your choice and not be limited to what  FLAT-TOP hand gun that you can carry to protect you and your family.

Be One Step Ahead- Our magnetic gun mount keeps you One-Step AHEAD of your perpetrator, letting you react quickly buy cocking the gun back for you. Reacting quickly and accordingly can SAVE yours and your loved ones from being a victim of a deadly crime. 


✅Best Quality Gun Magnet- This magnetic gun mount is made with a rubber top finishing which prevents your firearms from being scratched and damaged during the time of use. 

✅Easy To Mount- Since this magnetic gun mount is easy to install and it's versatility allows you to mount this holster on multiple flat surfaces. Making it easy to use where you feel is needed the MOST!

✅Sturdy With Multiple Magnets- A sturdy magnet keeps you from to miss an opportunity to protect yourself when needed. This ease-to-mount gun holster is designed for superior use and keeps from contradicting your move towards the enemy.


" I am a small business owner and I cannot begin to tell you how this magnetic holster helped me survive one the most tragic evenings of my life and career as a business owner. After being robbed in the middle of my booming business, I felt scared, insecure and unsure if I wanted to pursue my business. I decided to continue but if this happened again, I would be more prepared. Just when you think it could NOT happen again, it did. I drew my firearm so quick the robber did not have time to think what his next move was going to be. This has LITERALLY saved my life and kept me here with my family. I am extremely grateful!"

- Dan V.