Pregnancy Seat Belt Adjuster

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"Automobile crashes are the largest single cause of death for pregnant women." 
-U.S. National Library of Medicine

Over 150,000 pregnant women experience car accidents every year.

And nearly 3,000 pregnancies are lost from car accidents each year.

The Pregnancy Safety Belt redirects the lap belt away from the belly, securing the seat belt in between legs and not around the directly around your tummy. This is designed to eliminate putting pressure on your belly and unborn baby in the case of sudden braking or traffic accident. 

The Pregnancy Safety Belt reduces the risk of injury and fatality of unborn child as a result of an automobile crash.

 Safe and Comfortable-The Prego Safety Belt is very comfortable and will protect you and your baby.

Easy To Use-No extra steps involved in fastening and securing your seat belt. No hassle for everyday use.

Free Sized-The Prego Safety Belt is adjustable and will fit ALL sizes of bellies during different periods of your pregnancy; making it useful for your entire term.

Increase Safety- Increase the precautionary measures and safety tactics during your pregnancy to ensure your baby is safe in the case of an automobile accident. 

Stop Being Uncomfortable- The Prego Safety Belt removes the pressure the lower belly that a regular seat belt can cause. Also ensuring the belt does NOT pulled up against your belly.

Regain Your Confidence- Gain your confidence back when driving. We all know how much we try to protect our tummies during pregnancy, this enhances protection and allows you Peace Of Mind, knowing your baby will be safer in the case of an automobile accident.


"I am so blessed to to have extra protection while I am driving! It really eases my mind"

-Jennifer R. Pregnant Safety Belt User