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“I don’t know what I would have done without the Pilates Bar! My entire home fitness journey has always been a series of me starting and quitting a week or two later due to the lack of flavor that bodyweight workouts have. I continue this journey because of the excitement I get to workout, wherever I want, whether in my garage or my terrace! I have been changing my workouts completely every month, and I never repeated one exercise!!!! I recommend this to those like me that need that extra kick to get up and get that sexy body!! I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t found my beloved Pilates Bar.”

 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️- Jessie Adams

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Working out at home can be a hassle especially if you don’t have the equipment. You can lose the motivation and thrill to workout once you find out the only piece of equipment you have in your own weight, not that there’s anything wrong with that. But the repetitiveness of the few exercises you can do on your own will soon tire you and it won't be long until you find yourself slacking off again. That used to be the case until the #1 solution to home gyms and workouts came along, meet the Pilates Bar! 

The Pilates Bar is a one-stop-shop for any workout you could ever imagine. It features a brilliantly designed padded bar that brings you to comfort no matter how you hold it and two resistance bands that you can use with your hands and feet. With the Pilates Bar, you can find that excitement to work out again thanks to the variety of exercises available, as well as the different levels of resistance you can adjust to make your workouts tougher! With the Pilates Bar, you got yourself an entire portable gym that can fit in your backpack, so if working out in nature or the park is your thing, we’ve got you covered.




EASY TO ASSEMBLE AND USE:The Pilates Bar is the easiest product to assemble and use! All you do is insert one bar into the other, push the two knobs as you do so, then twist it; it’s that easy!

TAKE IT ANYWHERE YOU GO!:  With the Pilates Bar, you can, as easy as you assemble it, disassemble it, and put it in your bag or backpack, and it will be right there for you to hit a workout right when you need it! 

EASY ASSEMBLY:With the simplicity it offers, you can have; the confidence that you’ll never mess up your workouts as long as you have the proper posture and technique. 

MULTIPLE USES:There are endless workouts that can be done with the Pilates Bar, thanks to its versatile and customizable resistant levels!

HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIAL:The Pilates Bar was designed with extreme durability in mind. On the inside is a high-quality stainless steel metal pipe, strong enough for any resistance you require. 

 (Please follow guided exercises to prevent any injuries from poor posture or movement) 


We understand how frustrating, repetitive, and boring a home bodyweight workout can be. It’s just not that same feeling as going to the gym or having one at home, not as exciting. Time and time, we find ourselves slacking off due to the lack of thrill to do our next workout, and thanks to that, we find excuses to quit that fit-life and dream body we all want. If only it were possible to have a whole gym at your disposal, right?

With the Pilates Bar, you can have a whole gym right inside of your bag! Whether at home or outside, you can count on the Pilates Bar to be your best friend when it comes to being excited to work out and doing the work! You can train every muscle in your body with the help of the highly durable resistance bands and start building that confidence you want right next to the body of your dreams! Working out has never been so easy and accessible before!





Length of Bar: 35.82 in


Length of Resistance Band: 33.46 in




The Pilates Bar (Resistance Bands attached to the bar)


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