Outdoor Wine & Dine Table

This handcrafted collapsible wine table is a MUST HAVE for all wine lovers!

Designed to hold all the elements of the classic picnic - bottle of wine, two glasses and a plate of your favorite wine parings.

Easy Set Up and perfect size for taking this to EVERY Occasion!

 ✅Effortless- Fiberglass rod pushes into the ground with very little effort. It works in grass, dirt and sand.

Use for ANY occasion- Perfect for outdoor wine festivals, family picnics, camping, beach or just a quiet evening in your backyard!

Sturdy Lock-In-Baltic birch plywood table folds flat and locks in both positions, open and closed.

" As a parent, I try to make the most out of life by attending every event my children participate in-soccer games, football games or just an outdoor outing! I find that this innovative table allows me and my Husband Jerry to enjoy a delicious glass of wine. We truly take it every where and I really don't know how we once did without! I love it!"

-Janet and Jerry