Multi-Purpose Dock Hook

Hook Design

Docking a boat is the most difficult task to master in boating. Regardless of your boat docking procedure, and your level of boat docking experience, a little bit of help goes a long way!


✅Moor Your Boats Easily- The unique design helps your rope go straight through any place so you can tight the boat rope within a long-distance, pulling the boat over the shore and tying it up.

The Ultimate Extension Pole-Keep the pole long 150cm(40 to 150cm) but still, just weighs 200g! Non-Slip soft rubber hand grips for comfort and reliable grip in wet conditions. 1.3 to 5ft Pole is made of Stainless Steel for durability.

Easy to Operate & Storage- Smooth extension, easily locks and unlock, 2/3 section telescopic design for easy carrying and storage, fit into a small-ish storage locker space on the floor deck of your boat.

"As a fisherman and someone who lives on the water, I am constantly in and out of water mooring my boat when we approach the dock. I have done my job for several decades and can genuinely say that this has made my duties easy and hassle free! When I was home my wife actually used it to hang our Christmas lights too! Who would've though this would make life easier all the way around?!"

-Dan the Fisherman