Jet-Dry Hair Towel

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If you are looking for and easy and fast way to help dry your hair, discover the super absorbent Jet-Dry micro-fiber hair towel.

Turbo Twister are special hair towels that fit easy and lightly on your head.


Microfiber is a fine synthetic material that is woven together and used to create the soft hair drying Turbo Twister. The elastic properties of microfiber allows the Jet-Dry hair towel to conform to your head and stay in place with ALL hair types.

Wrap on your microfiber Jet-Dry hair towel after washing your hair and secure it with the elastic loop; this keeps it from falling or unwinding. No more heavy wet towels that cause head aches and strain. No need for adjusting or re-wrapping!


Great For Healthy Hair!

A Microfiber towel is super absorbent and removes as much moisture as possible. This contributes to a healthy shiny hair and allows you to spend LESS time under the blow dryer. 

LESS blow-drying means less exposure to harmful heat and particles that are damaging to your hair.