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Kalimba with Belt Loop Band
Kalimba with Neck Band

“I’ve been a musical instrument addict for 5 years now, I love collecting anything from guitars, exotic drums, all the way to tiny pocket sized kalimbas just like the Mini Kalimba. And ever since I received it I have been practicing on it non-stop! It’s one of the most fun pocket instruments I have ever owned and everywhere I go, I am the life of the party playing cool tunes on it and having everybody recognize the songs! I totally recommend this, even for those that don’t know how to play the kalimba, the internet will teach you everything!!”
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️  - Jessica Suarez
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It’s a bummer when you’re always on the go and are trying to pick up on a new hobby, especially if said hobby is related to music. Whether it’s a guitar or a piano that you love to play, it’s pretty clear that it’s challenging to take that passion everywhere you go, whether it’s school, college, or a vacation. Some instruments are just way too big and if you ever find them in miniature forms, most of them just don’t sound the same at all.

This is where the Mini Kalimba steals the spotlight. Taking everything good about the Kalimba and packaging it in an adorable miniature version, the Mini Kalimba brings you limitless possibilities for when it comes to creating dreamy melodies that make you feel comfort and warmth wherever you are. Giving you the keys to unleashing the musician within you, right on the palm of your hands!


✅  TAKE IT ANYWHERE: We designed the Mini Kalimba to be the #1 on-the-go instrument. With its size, you can perfectly put it in your pocket, hang it around your neck, or drop it in your bag resting assured you will always have it available to create and listen to those satisfying notes!

✅  PLAY MAGICAL MUSIC: With the ability to adapt any song played on any instrument and making it sound a hundred times more soothing, the Mini Kalimba brings you the opportunity to play beautiful melodies right from the palm of your hands!


✅  AN AMAZING GIFT: The Mini Kalimba makes for the perfect gift for any person, whether they are into music or looking for a new hobby. It’s the perfect detail for anybody, you’ll be giving them more reasons to be cooler than they already are.

✅  THE PERFECT SKILL FOR ANY AGE: From infants all the way to grown-ups, our customers range in all ages and the one thing in common that they have is that they love playing the Mini Kalimba. Whoever you may be, the Mini Kalimba will add another interesting layer to who you are.


✅  PLAY WITH OTHER INSTRUMENTS: Just like your classic instrument combinations in everyday music, the Mini Kalimba can be easily mixed with other similar instruments to create never heard beautiful melodies.


Press each key from the edge of their bottom to make music.

Use a screwdriver to tune the sound of the Mini Kalimba.


We understand how difficult it can be to take your music-making passion everywhere you go. And honestly, it can be mentally draining to see how little time we are spending on the things we love the most. When it comes to musical instruments, finding miniature versions that actually sound like the real thing is near impossible, making it a failed attempt at keeping that muse creating fire burning as days go by and things just get busier and busier.

That is where the Mini Kalimba knocks on your door, bringing you everything that a real size Kalimba offers, all in your pocket. The Mini Kalimba uses its 8 keys to produce heavenly symphonies that make you feel in the clouds. With the ability to adapt any song to this tiny musical instrument, the sky's the limit when it comes to creativity and mastering the Mini Kalimba. Whether it’s a gift or an investment towards your passion, the Mini Kalimba is all you need to bring the beauty of music back into your and the lives of your loved ones.


Material of Body: Wood/Acrylic

Material of Keys: Stainless Steel


1x Mini Kalimba

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