Step-A-Way Vehicle Latch



“Ever since I got my brand new Step-A-Way, doing my car work has never been easier! I love to travel every chance I get, and thanks to how easy it is to pack my luggage on top of my ride with the help of Step-A-Way, I now never feel frustrated like I used to when it comes to loading the top of my vehicle! Another thing I like to do myself is clean my SUV, and Step-A-Way has made it easy to reach the top to remove any dust, dirt, or bird poop that has been there for days and gets it squeaky clean! 100% Recommended!!!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Tyson James

 ✅Verified Buyer 

Reaching the top of your car roof can be quite a challenge, no matter whether it’s to clean it, pack your luggage, or organize what’s already on top. Not only is it difficult to reach the top but also dangerous if you are doing it wrong. Slipping off the unsafe door frame of your ride could cause very severe issues ranging from breaking something in your body to damaging/breaking valuable belongings inside of your bags. 

With its simple mechanics, the Step-A-Way brings you the ability to get comfortable as you organize your luggage or clean the top of your car by giving you that extra step you need to reach new heights. All you need to do is raise the hook, hook it to your door lock, and you’re all set. This neatly designed multi-purpose tool is made for anyone looking for assistance on reaching their entire car roof.



✅Easy To Use: With its beautiful yet versatile design, all you have to do is pull out the hook, hook to your door lock, and you’re all set! With the Step-A-Way, you will get a sturdy step to reach the top of your car with so much ease.

✅Three Dimensional Surface: The Three Dimensional Prisms on the surface allow you to take a solid step thanks to the added friction. Fearlessly hop on with the confidence that you are placing your foot on a sturdy platform!

✅Very Durable Material: Thanks to its High-Quality Aluminum Alloy, the Step-A-Way can carry any weight so that you can be confident that you are safe going up there and doing your thing!

✅Keep Your Car Unscratched: We take the safety of your car into consideration. The Step-A-Way is designed with gentle material so you can rest assured that your paint and car will remain safe and completely unharmed!

✅Multi-Purpose for Emergencies: At the front of the Step-A-Way, you will be able to find a rock-solid metal tip. This solidity is made to give you the ability to break your windows and break free in case you are ever in a sticky situation.


How To Use

1) Lift up the Hook

2) Slide it through your door lock to attach the Step-A-Way

3) Stand on it with confidence and reach the heights you need on your roof!



We understand how frustrating it can be to not be able to reach the top of your car when you need it the most. Whether it’s putting your belongings on top, organizing them, or even cleaning the roof, reaching all the way up is quite demanding, and for some of us, not even possible. We all have been through at least one experience where we have slipped and fallen from a high place, and it's no fun!

With the Step-A-Way, your safety is ensured, thanks to its sturdiness and anti-slipping surface. The high-quality material grants you the confidence you need to load your heaviest bags on the hood and take your time arranging them. Thanks to the Step-A-Way, reaching the top of your car is now a fun and easy task you will never need to over-think or worry about again!


Product Specifications

Height: 3.03 in

Length: 5.86 in

Width: 2.95 in


Package Includes

1x Step-Away


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