Liquid Dispenser Hand Sanitizer Wristband

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" I made sure that everyone of my kids and even my husband wears this to keep our hands germ FREE! I love it!"

-Sara M.

Handy Everywhere You Go- Hate it when you are about to eat and feel your dirty hands?? This sanitizing wristband will be available at ALL times wrapped around your wrist.

No More Digging- Your wristband is readily AVAILABLE around your wrist and stops you from digging in your purse or bag for the hand sanitizer. 

Easy to Wear and Comfortable Fit-This adjustable wristband is designed to fit all size wrists and prevent the spread of germs anywhere you go!

Sanitize Your Area- This wristband is designed for a variety of disinfectants and allows you to use the antibacterial disinfectant of YOUR choice.



✅ Keeps you and your loved ones safe of CONTAGIOUS germs- This anti-bacterial wristband will keep you and your loved ones safe by being readily available around the wrist before eating and touching multiple surfaces. 

✅ Multi-Use Disinfectant- This wristband is designed to allow you to carry your choice of disinfectant readily available to you. This will give you peace of mind and reassurance that your loved ones are germ free!

✅ Made To Last- This Durable elastic wristband was designed for durability and ensures it lasts for multiple use. The elasticity in this wristband keeps you from having to revert back to the old way of sanitizing. 


"As a parent and gym goer, I had to have this wristband. I really like that I can wrap this around my wrist, fill it with antibacterial soap, and just like that, have it at the palm of my hand EVERY TIME I NEED IT. The band itself is so comfortable that I am not worried about it itching or irritating my skin. With COVID and other contagious viruses going around, this thing really provides me with peace of mind. I bought one for kids, husband and even my sister and her children have one!" 

-Theresa P.