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“The HeadLite 2.0 has been one of my best investments this year. I like to go on runs after I am back from work, but that can get pretty late sometimes, also depending on the time of the year. Thanks to the HeadLite 2.0 I can go on my runs any time of the day, no matter how dark it is! It lights up more than enough to see everything around and in front of me!! I never thought a headlight could be so helpful and convenient, I love the fact that it can charge via USB, I always have it ready and fully charged for my long runs. I totally recommend this to anyone that is ever doing anything in the dark!”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  - Joseph P.

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Working on anything in the dark can not only be spooky, but also pretty dangerous. Whether it’s fixing your car in the dark, doing handy work right after the sun has set, or going on a jog after a long day of work, darkness, or most importantly, the lack of the ability to see what’s right in front of you can wreak havoc in a number of ways. Nowadays we do have our phones to light things up, but when you are working on a task that requires your two hands, or you just don’t want to be holding a phone the whole time, things can get tricky.

This is where the HeadLite 2.0 comes in! With its unique and flawless design, all you need to do is adjust it properly to fit your head and you will have not just one but two different light sources with customizable levels allowing you to light up 230 ° and 100 meters ahead! And if you ever need to charge it just pop it with its own USB-C Charger either in your car or at home and enjoy the extra hours of quality light. It has never been more effortless and convenient to have your surroundings shining bright in the dark without the need to be holding a huge flashlight!


DOUBLE LIGHT SOURCE: The HeadLite 2.0 brings you two different light sources. The COB LED Strip with up to 350 Lumens as well as the XPE LED Light, both bringing you different levels of brightnesses. the HeadLite 2.0 you will always have your environment well lit for you to do exactly what you need to do, hands-free!

UNMATCHABLE REACH: Thanks to its powerful lights with up to 350 Lumens, the HeadLite 2.0 provides you with the ability to fully light a 230° wide angle in front of you and reaches as far as 100 meters ahead. You will never have an issue seeing around you because anywhere you look will be perfectly lit up, no dead angles!

USB-C RECHARGEABLE: With its USB Type C Charging capability, you can pop the HeadLite 2.0 and leave it to fully charge to enjoy2.5 Hours of the perfectly lit environment! No matter what you’re doing, you can be confident that you will be provided with all the light you need the whole time!

SMART MODE: With its revolutionary smart mode, the HeadLite 2.0 allows you to choose how bright you want your light by having the smart mode turned on (Next to the power button) and simply waving your hands either to strengthen the light or weaken it. You won't need to touch anything to change how bright you want your light, amazing right!?

IMPACT RESISTANT AND WATERPROOF: The HeadLite 2.0 is the perfect lighting tool, so it makes sense we engineered it prepared to take any kind of terrain. No matter if you drop it or wear it while it’s raining, you can rest assured that your HeadLite 2.0 will remain perfectly fine as you are going through your work!



Put on and adjust how tight you want it.

Turn on the light simply by pressing the power button.

Switch the modes and light combinations by pressing the mode button next to the power button.

Change the brightness by holding the power button for a little bit.


We understand how challenging it is to finish your work in the dark. Whether you are fixing your car at night in the middle of the road, finishing that crafty project hours after the sunset, or going through your daily jog when it’s pitch dark outside, We’ve been there. And it’s no hidden truth how annoying and tiring it can be to have to hold your phone or a flashlight as you are doing what you’re doing, and that is not mentioning the risk of dirtying them or dropping and potentially breaking them, who would ever want to have a broken phone when all you were trying to do was repair something when it was pretty dark!?

That is why the HeadLite 2.0 is your #1 solution. Its slick design is so loved by our customers and they can’t get enough of their facilitated everyday tasks thanks to the amazing power our product has! You will never have to worry about what is ahead or around you thanks to the 230 ° Wide Angle Lighting as well as its unmatchable 100m reach, all that power sitting right above your eyes. Having it on your head means you have two free hands to work with, and thanks to its smart mode function you can brighten or weaken the light level by just waving in front of it! With the HeadLite 2.0, whatever you desire may be, you will have every single one of your lighting needs met bringing you the peace of mind that you will be safe no matter what the task may be and where it might be taking place.



Dimension: 55mm x 35 x 100mm.

Weight: 100g.

Types of Lights: COB LED and XPE LED.

Max Lum: 350 Lumen.

Power 10W.

Charing: USB-C Chargeable.

Battery: 1200mAh Lithium Battery.

Water Proof and Impact Resistant.


1x HeadLite 2.0.

1x USB Type C Charger.

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