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“Ever since I bought the FlexiHeat™ at the end of the summer, I have been feeling like the smartest person alive. this heater is all you could ever need if you are a work-from-home person just like me! I plug it right next to me on my desktop and I am all set with the warmth it brings. There is nothing like working on your dream job from home, being 100% warm and cozy, and having a window right next to you to watch the lovely rain outside. IN LOVE!”

⭐️  ⭐️  ⭐️  ⭐️  ⭐️  - Tanya Malik 

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Even though it’s literally cold, it can feel tough to go through the roughest parts of winter without having a way to warm yourself on those freezing nights. Home heating systems can break the bank whether running on gas or electricity. It has become less accessible to create that cozy and welcoming warmth that makes you feel right where you belong, making it quite the challenge to feel any comfort whether at home or at the office.

The FlexiHeat™ was perfectly engineered for those rough times. Bringing you portable coziness, the FlexiHeat™ is perfect for keeping you plugged next to your desktop at home or at the office. Offering you different levels of warmth to suit your desires, a premium quality ceramic heating core, a built-in fan system that runs at different speeds depending on how fast you want to kill that malicious and uncomfortable cold. Also, included with a SmartTimer function to turn it off after you fall asleep.



✅  EFFORTLESS WARMTH: Getting cozy has never been easier thanks to the FlexiHeat™. Schemed with simplicity and convenience in mind, the FlexiHeat™ only needs to be plugged into a wall and be turned on to start warming you up and get you feeling much better!

✅  LED SCREEN DISPLAY: Have complete awareness of what you’re doing. The FlexiHeat™ comes with a LED Screen showing you how high or low you have your Temperature, Speed, and hours left on the Smart Timer, giving you full control to the perfect and desired experience.

✅  SMART TIMER: Throw getting up to unplug the heater out the window. With its built-in Smart Timer, the  FlexiHeat™ can be smoothly programmed to be running from anywhere between 1 to 12 hours turning itself off automatically.

✅  SAFETY FIRST: Your safety is always our first concern here at FancyThings, and that is why the  FlexiHeat™ was built to get its surroundings hot while remaining cool to the touch, as well as engineered with a built-in cut-off system in case it ever overheats, we don't take any risk here.

✅  SPREAD THE COZINESS: With its built-in fan, the FlexiHeat™ can run at two different speeds, High or Low. The High option will work wonders heating up your room or bathroom, while the Low is the perfect setting to cover that small space around you and your desktop.

✅  TAKE IT ANYWHERE: Take that homey feeling of warmth that the FlexiHeat™ brings heat anywhere you go and ensures you are always cozy and well taken care of.



  • Plug the FlexiHeat™ on your nearest wall, push the ON/OFF Switch.
  • Choose a temperature using the + or - buttons.
  • Set a timer by clicking the button and using the same button to adjust hours.
  • Set the speed of the fan by clicking the speed button and using the same button to adjust.

We understand how cold it can get on those winter nights, or how hard it can be to get out of bed on those winter mornings. The freezing weather makes it difficult to get to our desks and get to work, or get cozied up and warm in our rooms after a shower. Research shows that about 60 to 80% of our productivity decreases in the winter months, due to how unproductive we can get. It's crazy to see how much difference a reliable source of heat (or the lack of it) can affect our day-to-day lives!

That’s where the FlexiHeat™ comes in, melting every obstacle the cold brings and giving you all you need to get on your feet and start your day. Not only is it safe and convenient, but also is extremely functional! From 30 different temperature levels, all the way to a two-setting fan speed AND a smart timer that turns off whenever you desire. The FlexiHeat™ is that little, warming gadget you do NOT want to be missing out on this winter!



  • Metal Body
  • LED Screen
  • Premium Grade Metal Fan
  • Ceramic Heating Cores


  • 1x Portable Heater

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