Fingerprint Smart Padlock

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Never worry about forgetting your key or password again with the Smart Keyless Fingerprint Padlock. The Smart Fingerprint Padlock is designed to solve this problem! With this, simply tap to unlock with your fingerprint in a couple of seconds, as you would with your smartphone! You will never have to worry about whether you have your keys or remember you password anymore!

Protect Your Everyday Belongings From The Thieves, Robbers or Even Just Your Nosey Neighbor!


Keep Your Parents From Snooping- We all know our parents raid our rooms when cleaning the house. This fingerprint lock pad can now protect your secrets and ONLY be accessed by YOU!

 STOP Colleagues From Stealing Your Info- Colleagues open your drawer without your consent and your personal belongings or important documents are compromised.

Don't Travel Unprotected- Traveling cases and bags are easy to open and aren't safe with an ordinary lock. Our Padlock takes that extra step to protect you by opening with YOUR unique fingerprint.


 Nothing Is More Secure Than Having A Smart Lock!

"I am someone who is ALWAYS over-protective of my things and personal information. I recently was introduced to this finger print pad lock through my sister in law, who knew this would fit me very well. I am EXTREMELY satisfied and have peace-of-mind now that I am using this innovative lock that uniquely identifies me as an authorized person to access the MOST IMPORTANT and VALUABLE things that I posses!"

--Richard S.