EasyCorner Clamp Kit

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Being Dad doesn't mean just working 40 hours + to provide for the family. It means putting in the work at home with repairs and home improvements too! My name is Dan and I am a proud Dad of 3 beautiful children and my lovely wife Shelly. I work hard to provide for my family during the week but the job does not stop when I get home. I am always trying to improve and repair our home.

After purchasing this EasyCorner Clamp Kit, I am so impressed on how accurate this tool is! Not only does it measure perfectly, but allows me to complete projects in half the time and get back to what means most; My Family!

-Dan Cunningham ✅ Verified Buyer


Bad measurements and small mistakes can lead to hundreds or thousands of dollars in repairs. This is a result of not being accurate during pre-planning and measuring lengths and widths appropriately when it comes to home improvements and repairs.  Now you no longer have to worry about this product at all, presenting the EasyCorner Clamp Kit!


EasyCorner Clamp Kit is the tool allows you precise and accurate measures every time with ANY project! The EasyCorner Clamp Kit provides a welcome hand while on the job by firmly holding your boards together while you're screwing, gluing or drilling. Never let the mistake of a poor project cost you time and money!


Eliminate Frustration-TheEasy Corner Clamp Kit eliminates frustration and provides a quick and easy solution for shifting boards. Effortlessly fix, align hold your workpieces together with precision and perfect alignment.

Increase Productivity- Save time, energy and focus by quickly and easily clamping your boards together. Experience fast and accurate corner clamping for both90° corners and T joints! Make your projects faster, easier more efficient with TheEasy Corner Clamp Kit!

Firm Holds-TheEasy Corner Clamps are strong, spring-loaded and provide a firm reliable hold. The tough durable build of these Corner Clamps allow them to withstand use on ANY job site or project.

We understand how frustrating of a feeling it can be, when assembling something crooked. It already is a challenge if you are completing projects by yourself, possibly leading to a sloppy look.

Thankfully our EasyCorner Clamp Kit offers multiple wood clamp angles for a perfect job on any project. You no longer have to  struggle and spend all day building your project to perfection! Finally rest easy knowing that the job was done right and is not going to result in money out of your pocket.