Hands Free Surface Toucher


"Germs are nasty little creatures that can make us all very sick. In fact, Americans spend nearly 5 billion each year on illness caused by germs."

-Cone Health Medical Group

Stop the Spread- These unprecedented times has instilled a fear in everyone around the world. All efforts to STOP the spread of this virus, start by taking multiple precautionary steps to discontinue this deadly virus.

Point A to Point B- Our goal is to act as a barrier between your hands and a dirty hands FREE door handle when traveling to point A to point B!

Multi-Surface Use- With versatility, this multi-use surface toucher allows you to use on various surfaces and screens; PROTECTING you  from germs and bacteria.



Versatility-Our MULTI-use includes stylus pen, box opener/screw driver turner and door opener, leaving you protected from dirty surfaces. 

✅STOP THE SPREAD- This HANDS-FREE door opener contributes to stopping the spread of germs. This allows you to open and close doors freely without direct contact.

✅Antimicrobial Brass- Made with antimicrobial brass, this preventative tool helps eliminate microbial growth to ensure continuous protection against dirty handles. 

✅Compact and Manageable- Our hands free door handle was designed to go with you EVERYWHERE you go! It's easy fit, fits in a pocket or keychain. 


"With today's normal, I have made 'NO touching' a priority in my daily life! I was truly unaware of how many surfaces I would touch unconsciously; from light switches to gas pumps, I can truly say I feel safer using my Hands Free tool! As a parent and grandparent the health risk that comes with the spread of germs, I have ensured we are ALL using this in our daily lives! After all, it is the new normal!"

-Theresa F.