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“Ever since I got into the DIY world, it’s been annoying trying to get things leveled or angled right, making it difficult for my projects to look professional. That’s when the UltraBeam became my all time favorite tool, literally making it so effortless to level shelves properly or cut the wood the right way. I definitely recommend this to any other creative DIYer that looks to make the process of building or creating things much easier! ”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  - Jordan W.
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If you’re a person that loves creating things or DIY, it’s common knowledge how much of a challenge it is to either cut things with perfect precision or have them perfectly leveled for both use and aesthetic looks. The results from the difficulty in doing such things make the passion towards creating things die out due to the added complications or need for extra equipment that isn’t really that convenient to keep around. Knowing normal leveling or measuring tools, you should already know how manual and annoying things can get, which only takes away from the whole experience and turns it into a chore rather than a hobby.

This is why the UltraBeam™ became a reality, bringing you the sharpest lines and angles in the form of a clear-to-see laser to make sure you always cut and assemble things in an even manner. With the addition of a built-in digital level tool, its water, and shockproof capabilities, and its outstanding portability, the UltraBeam™ not only makes working on your projects easier but motivates you to take action. Whether you’re a seasoned constructor or a DIY lover, the UltraBeam™ brings you all the tools you need, packed in one place, ready to go anywhere, ready to turn your ideas into a reality.


✅  CUT WITH PRECISION: The built-in laser in the UltraBeam™ was made to project straight lines and angles so that you are ensuring that your craft is cut, placed, or assembled evenly.

✅  DOUBLE LASERS: The UltraBeam™ provides up to two lasers bringing you endless possibilities to craft, assemble, and construct anything in a room symmetrically to the two sides effortlessly.


✅  MAKE SURE EVERYTHING IS EVEN: Thanks to its built-in digital leveling tool, the tiny UltraBeam™ functions as the perfect portable level, making sure your craft is always even and looking good.

✅  BUILT TO LAST: Thanks to its water and shockproof capabilities, the UltraBeam™ was built to last, owing that to its premium grade aluminum body and its unbreakable dual LED screen!


✅  EFFORTLESS TO USE: The UltraBeam™ makes getting to work easier than ever, needing only a push of a button to turn on either the laser measurement system or its built-in digital level.

✅  KEEP IT IN YOUR POCKET: The UltraBeam™ was schemed with convenience and availability in mind, hence why we perfected its size to keep it portable while still packing a punch.




  • Turn on by pressing & holding one of the buttons
  • Press each to turn on either the laser function or the digital level



We understand how annoying it can get when we call it a day with our projects only to find out how unprofessionally set up they end up looking, whether un-even or cut in the wrong way. The conventional solutions to such things as a physical meter or a huge level are just not practical, convenient, or accessible in this day and age. For us, the ones that love creating things or do it for a living, a good solution to this issue is needed to maintain the passion for working in crafting alive, and not let it die out due to inconvenience.

This is why the UltraBeam™ was built, engineered to make construction and DIY projects feel like a breeze, with its industry-leading precision laser to help you craft your ideas the right way. With its portability and durability attributes, the UltraBeam™ is the one product you will ever need to fulfill your crafty dreams. If you are a person that is looking to improve their workflow efficiency or just a DIY fanatic, the UltraBeam™ has got your back.


  • Weight: 70g
  • Materials: Aluminum, Glass


  • 1x UltraBeam™
  • 1x Stand
  • 1x USB-C Charger

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