Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner


" It is believed that with the regularly and proper maintenance and upholstery cleaning carpets and fabric furniture can significantly improve the quality of the air you breathe because of the ability of trapping dust and allergens."

-Interesting Reality

Our POWERFULcordless hand vacuum provides extra strength and is designed to lift the toughest dirt. The Cyclone Cleaner is built to provide a  more efficient dust filtration system that comprehensively intercepts dust and particles an prevents secondary diffusion.

Multi-Surface Use- With versatility, this multi-use surface vacuum allows you to use on various surfaces and in between crevices; PROTECTINGyou from germs and bacteria.



Tough Brush- A tough brush acts as a dirt LOOSENINGtool. These tough bristles lift embedded dirt particles from your rugs and seat covers making it easy to suction and remove hard-core stains. 

Auxiliary Joint- An extended auxiliary joint helps you reach those tough narrow crevices. Reach ALLareas of your vehicle and rest easy knowing your vehicle received the thorough cleaning it needed.

✅HEPA Filtration- A three compartment filtration intercepts dust and particles to prevent a secondary diffusion and provide you with CLEANER AIR.

✅Wet & Dry- The Cyclone hand held vacuum works on wet and dry spills. This allows you to vacuum over spilled areas and wet carpet; leaving you with a clean and dry surface. 


 "As a mother of 4 boys I definitely understand how messy life can get! I decided I NEEDED something powerful to help me keep up with the daily spills and messes that come with being a parent. This Cyclone Vacuum is EXACTLY what I needed. Not only is it a powerful mechanism but works for liquids too! This to me was most important! I am living my life to the best and not letting life's messes come in the way of me and my day, I love it!"

-Racine J-Full Time Mommy