Crabs Music and Light Bubble Maker

Red Crab
Blue Crab

"My children love bath time with this fun and exciting bubble maker. Bath time has never been easier!"

-Rachel V-Full Time Mommy


Make Bath Time EASY- A fun bubble maker that helps make bath time fun and easy! Children are now taking baths without the fight and hassle.

3 Piece Suction Cup- Each bubble maker is built with 3 strong suction cups to stay properly mounted for a strong and sturdy use. 

Relaxing And Soothing Melodies-This awesome toy not only produces bubbles but plays sweet melodies for a fun and amusing bath experience for your children. Mothers are taking bath times to another level!


 "As a mother of 3 kids, I always find it difficult at night to get my children bathed and in bed. Night after night felt like a battle that I dreaded time and time again. I decided that I needed to give my kids a reason to look forward to bath time. After purchasing this bubble maker, they ABSOLUTELY loved it and baths have become a fun part of our routine; rather than a 'Have To Do' chore. We love it!"

-Amy J.