Cat Tunnel Bed


"Domestic cats spend about 70 percent of the day sleeping. And 15 percent of the day grooming."


✅Multi-functional-Not only can this be used as a tool to play, but also as their own warm sleep nest.

Relieve anxiety- The tunnel satisfies the cat's nature of climbing and hiding, relieve pet upset mood and pressure.

Take It With-A Collapsible design, easy to carry and store and convenient to use. Our tunnel bed has plenty of room for your kitty to spread out in and is lightweight enough to move around as you or your cat wishes!

 "My name is Margaret and I am blessed to have been fortunate enough to adopt a few kitties that did not have homes. When our babies came home, they had to adjust to a new environment. As pet owners we were noticing a few bad behaviors- scratching up our furniture! This was the worst. We knew we had to figure something out. This has definitely helped our cats become more comfortable and relaxed. Their behavior has changed completely! Our babies, Gato, Trey and Kitty have been a blessing to our family!"

-Maggie-Proud Cat Owner