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“Ever since I bought my Brake Caliper Tool, my toolbox has felt complete!! I have always loved to tinker and patch my ride and one thing I kept on missing was a caliper press. I would always have to go to a friend's house to borrow his old rusty one… I truly can believe how I didn’t just go online before like I did when I found the Brake Caliper Tool! My breaks are now ALWAYS on the check and 100% healthy. If you are a car person that loves to do things by yourself, the Brake Caliper Tool is a MUST HAVE!”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  - Tyler Mayer
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An unhealthy set of car brakes can be the worst problem to have when it comes to cars. And when it comes to brake issues, the first place to look at should be your car calipers. It’s known that after a long time of use, your car's caliper pistons can come out more than they should, which ends up getting to a point where they can’t even stop your car. And that is a big problem.

Here is where we present to you the Brake Caliper Tool! This magnificent tool brings all you need to push the pistons of your caliper back into place. It has never been more simple to work with a caliper press, and our Brake Caliper Tool can handle anywhere from a one-piston caliper all the way to a quad-piston caliper! All coming in one solid and good-looking piece of equipment, this beast packs a punch and will get your brakes back to what they used to be in no time!


✅WORKS ON ANY CALIPER: The Brake Caliper Tool is the very best tool for when it comes to caliper piston pressing because thanks to its size and strength it can handle any caliper ranging from one piston calipers, dual pistons, all the way to quad pistons calipers! You will have the fix for any brake caliper in one place!

✅EVEN FORCE SPREAD: The pads on our Brake Caliper Tool are designed to evenly distribute the force so that your pistons are pushed back in an even and smooth way. They are perfectly calibrated to exude the right amount of power to push all the pistons back into their place.


✅CUSHIONED AND LARGE HANDLE FOR MAXIMUM COMFORT: The handle on the Brake Caliper Tool was made with your comfort taken into consideration. It brings a pleasant grip allowing you to perfectly handle the tool while you are expanding or contracting it, as well as a great length providing all the leverage you need!

✅A ONCE IN A LIFETIME INVESTMENT!: The premium quality stainless steel that we used to engineer the Brake Caliper Tool gives it unmatchable durability. You can rest assure that you are purchasing an exceptional product that will last you forever.



Place the Brake Caliper Tool in the space between the Caliper wall and the pistons, making sure it is properly placed.

Start using the tool to expand it, SLOWLY pull or push the handle depending on where you’re standing.

Once done pushing the pistons in, press the switch on the Brake Caliper Tool to change the function.

Start pulling the handle again to start contracting.


We all know how troublesome it can be to have a malfunctioning brake system in our vehicles, it could lead to catastrophic events. First, it starts with the pistons coming out a tiny bit, giving you slower brakes, but scales all the way up to unusable ones that can’t even stop your car. And if things are not taken care of in the early stages, you are going to be dealing with the hassle of changing all your pistons, when all you could have done to solve this was press them back in.

That is why our customers are in love with the Brake Caliper Tool. We have brought you, the handy workers, the tool you need to fix your car calipers easier than ever! No need to send your car to a workshop, and what if you got more than two pistons in your caliper? Our Brake Caliper Tool can perfectly handle pressing up to four pistons back into their place making it look like a piece of cake, all with the help of that perfect grip on the cushioned handle. With the Brake Caliper Tool, you have all you need in your hands to keep your car brakes in check at all times!



✓Material: Carbon Steel

✓Dimensions:8.1x4.56 x 2.1 inch

✓Package Includes: (1) Brake Caliper Tool (2) Piston Plates

VERSATILE, FOUR-IN-ONE TOOL Includes 2 sets of piston plates that spread from 1-9/16 to 2-3/8 inches, creating plenty of room to install new brake pads.

Can be used as a single-piston caliper tool, a dual-piston caliper tool, a quad piston caliper tool, and a rear brake caliper tool! This versatile caliper piston compressor is ideal for cars, trucks, and some commercial vehicles.



1x Brake Caliper Tool

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