Airborne Hand-Gestured UFO

Red Aircraft
Blue Aircraft

Still do not believe in UFO's??

This high-tech spinner looks like it comes from out of this world while keeping you and your kids active and fulfilled!  These high-tech drones can fly in different directions using its inductive sensors. The colorful lights flash in flight making it easy to use day or night. Our spinner is easy to control and thrives from the palm of your hand. Great for parents and children to have fun TOGETHER! 


 Gestured Control- Hand-gestured control lets you control this airborne spinner from person to person with NO remote needed.

Built-in censors- This high-end technology contains sensitive censors to prevent crashing and allow for easy steering!

Interactive Entertainment- Have multiple friends and family help you keep this UFO flying from person to person.

" I purchased this UFO for my kids Adrian and Camille and they ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! It is something they ALL can use as an activity to keep this mystic UFO flying while staying active. We are extremely happy with this innovative flying UFO!"

-Steve P.