360 PRO-Pelling Shower Head


“The moment I replaced my old rusty shower head with the 360 PRO-Pelling Shower Head my shower game stepped up. This thing shoots water so fast and manages to reach so far without having the waterfall down, I have never looked forward to having showers as much as I have since I received it! I totally recommend this to anyone that feels like showers are a chore, this is a GAME CHANGER!!!”
⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️  - Jessica Ford
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An old showerhead can really make it troublesome to have those amazing showers you once had when your bathroom was brand new. Seriously, who even enjoys the feeling of lower water pressure or clogged holes not satisfying your shower needs? Old showerheads are not it. With time, those clogged holes cause water to build up inside and can lead to leaking or full bursting of your shower head. And all this isn’t mentioning those water bills that can really add up over time, an old inefficient showerhead more often than not uses excessive water without bringing you a good shower experience to justify that.

This is where 360 PRO-Pelling Shower Head comes knocking down your bathroom door (literally, it’s got insane water pressure). It doesn’t only bring good looks, but it’s designed to shoot water in rotating motions drastically improving water pressure. The 360 PRO-Pelling Shower Head was schemed to be perfectly efficient in water use, bringing a 40% of water is saved when compared to normal showerheads. Bringing the solution to all your needs, with its ease of use, the 360 PRO-Pelling Shower Head is the best option for when it comes to your modern-day showerheads.


✅  EFFORTLESS INSTALLATION AND USE: Simply detach your old showerhead and attach your new 360 PRO-Pelling Shower Head and begin to enjoy the best showers you will experience in your life. To start releasing water just push the button on the handle, and once done just push the one on the other side!

✅  IMPROVED WATER PRESSURE: The 360 PRO-Pelling Shower Head was engineered to improve water pressure, and that’s exactly what it does. Enjoy an unbelievable 200% increase in water pressure immediately with the 360 PRO-Pelling Shower Head!

✅  AESTHETICALLY SATISFYING: Not only extremely functional but also heavily appealing to the eye. The 360 PRO-Pelling Shower Head was designed with an attractive body and see-through high-quality plastic that lets you see everything going on inside to make it the most interesting shower head you will ever try! (and most likely the last).

✅  360 ROTATING HEAD: Whether you like holding it or attaching it to the wall, the 360 PRO-Pelling Shower Head allows you to rotate and tilt its head so it hits every spot you desire.

✅  CHEAPER WATER BILLS: Efficiency was as big of a deal as functionality, and with the 360 PRO-Pelling Shower Head we have provided our beloved customers at least 20% less water being wasted in every single shower. Only by swapping to our more efficient showerhead!

✅  PURIFIED WATER: Inside of the water head of the 360 PRO-Pelling Shower Head, you can find PP Cotton Filters that purify the water going through to stop your shower head from clogging and getting rid of any impurities. Get ready to enjoy a lifetime of clean showers!


Detach your current Shower Head and attach the 360 PRO-Pelling Shower Head

To turn on the 360 PRO-Pelling Shower Head, push in the button on the handle, to turn it off, push it inside from the opposite side.



We know how frustrating it can be when it’s time to shower and there is nothing but clogged holes or low water pressure for a set of different reasons. Such problems come from living in high apartments or places with poor and unfiltered water systems, bringing the issues most of us suffer from on the daily. And that’s not mentioning the headache that it can be when water bills start piling up.

That is where the 360 PRO-Pelling Shower Head comes in, solving every single issue from water pressure to water bills. It was designed to shoot water up to 200% stronger than your average showerhead, in a satisfying spiral and rotating shape that helps push water efficiently while still saving 20% of what a normal shower head would waste. From customer-loved aesthetics to extremely functional and efficient capabilities, the 360 PRO-Pelling Shower Head is the new addition to your bathroom that will step up your showers and make you look forward to the next one.


Body Built with Premium Grade ABS Plastic

Shower Head Face Built with Stainless Steel


1x 360 PRO-Pelling Shower Head

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