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Airborne Spinner



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Still don't believe in UFO's??
Now you can control a UFO from the palm of your hand
Buy 2 or more and save up to $45

Product Description

This high-tech spinner looks like it comes from out of this world. Our drones can fly in different directions using it's inductive sensors. The colorful LED lights flash in flight making it easy to use day or night. Our spinner is easy to control and thrives from the palm of your hand. Great for parents and children to have fun TOGETHER! 


  • Gesture control and easy to use. No remote needed.
  • Sensory obstacle avoidance.
  • Flashing LED lights makes it easy to use day or night
  • USB charging
  • Interactive entertainment allows for multiple people to play
  • 360 stunt rotation allows for cool creative tricks
  • Fun and active activity helps keep kids free of boredom
  • Brilliant LED Lights make it fun day or night!

This interactive Flying UFO drone has a personality like no other you've seen before! Make it your own and be amazed and what you can do!


Material: ABS Plastic + Electronic original
Charging Time: About 30 minutes
Color: Red, Blue and Black
Size: 11x11x6cm
Type: Sensing Toy
Weight: 300 g