Smart 360°Rotation Auto Tracking Tripod

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"Young adults will take more than 25,000 pictures of themselves during their life time!"

-International Business Times

Face Tracking- Photography and photo taking are being taken to the next level with face tracking; keeping you connected with your videos WITHOUT having to hold your camera during movement. 

Object Tracking-Our innovative smart tripod mount is design to recognize and track moving objects TOO! This ensures the recognition and capture of pets, cars and other moving objects. 

 VLOG Shooting-Smart and versatile, this smart device is made for vlogging, and vloggers are loving it! Vlogging made easy!


✅Be Creative- Let this smart tripod mount help with your creativity and allowing you to be HANDS FREE and mobile during a video. Great for TikTok and other social media videos!

✅Versatility- Versatility is what sets this dynamic tripod mount apart from others and provides you with more options including vertical and horizontal filming. 

✅Easy to use-Our smart tripod mount is easy to set up and begin using. Professional video shooting and photo taking has NEVER been so easy! 

 "As a YouTube vlogger and huge TikTok user this has enhanced my video creation experience! I feel comfortable and at ease not having to constantly take my camera with me as I move across the room, or walk away. This helps me engage more with my followers and subscribers by being able to use both hands freely and move around as needed! Video creation has become too easy, I love it!!"

-Kristie S.